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Compressed air blowoff products

Blow off, dry, cool, vent and exhaust dust and gas efficiently with compressed air. Nexflow Air Products offer a range of air efficient air amplifiers, air knives, ring blades, air nozzles, air jets and air edgers are available in a wide range of sizes and materials.


Vortex Coolers can produce temperatures as low as minus 40 Deg C simply by supplying the device with compressed air. Vortex Coolers are used for electrical enclosure cooling, spot cooling, tool cooling and many other applications.  Vortex Coolers are supplied in many different configurations such as Enclosure Coolers, Vortex Tubes, Spot Coolers and Tool Coolers. They are also available in a range of sizes with capacities between 200btu/h and 2800btu/h

Air Operated Conveyors

air operated conveyors

Air Conveyors are used to move materials between 2 points. Some materials that can be moved with an Air Conveyor (Ring Vac) include dust particles, sugar, mielie seeds, dog food, nuts, pills, plastic beads for extrusions, as well as many others. Air conveyors are available in a aluminium and stainless steel. Nexflow’s Drum Angel is a reversible air operated drum pump that will pump liquids from or to a 210 litre steel drum.

Optimize your Air System

Nexflow Air Products

Nexflow Air Products are designed to assist you to find faults that make your air system inefficient. The instruments supplied of a high standard. The Ultrasonic Leak Detector will help you to detect air leaks in your system. Air leaks are one of the biggest contributors to energy losses in a factory.

Control Static Environments

Prevent and detect static charges on production lines. Avoid shocks to staff, machine jams and inefficiency. Haug supplies a range of Static Meters, Ionizers and Power Supplies. Static can cause all sorts of problems and cause loss of production. Haug’s Ionizers will effectively neutralize static charge. Static Meters will assist in identifying where the problem areas lie.

Air Accessories

compressed air accessories

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