Vortex Tube and Industrial Spot Cooling

Nex Flow™ Vortex Tube technology provide a compact, electric free, maintenance free, and flexible solutions for spot cooling and enclosure cooling

Adjustable Spot Coolers

Vary Temperature & Flow for Spot Cooling Ideal for Lab & Testing Where Spot Cooling is Required

Cabinet Enclosure Coolers

Wide Range of Maintenance from Panel Coolers, Ideal for Harsh Environments Cool Control Panels, Cabinets & Other Enclosures

Mini Coolers

Spot Cool Small Areas Nozzle Cooling, Small Parts

Vortex Tubes

A Wide Range of Cooling Applications and Spot Cooling

Tool Cooling System

Cool Tools in Dry Machining Routing, Cutting, Drilling or Cleaning, Glass, Titanium & Other Materials


Cool Tools when Lubrication is required. Reduces lubricant use up to 20%